Nicholls, Alan

Nicholls, Alan

Title: Associate Director RRC, Director of Research Service Facility
Facility: EMS
Voice: 312-996-1227

110 SES

Alan's graduate and post graduate work were carried out at Birmingham University in England. His main research topic was development of analytical electron microscopy, an area that he is still interested in today.

He spent twelve years with VG Microscopes as their applications scientist, involved in all aspects of the HB series dedicated Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopes

He moved to RRC in January 1998 and was involved with the design and construction of the new Materials Science Microscopy facility in Science & Engineering South (SES) and installation of the electron microscopes. In February 1999 he became Director of Electron Microscopy when he took over responsibility for the SEM & Life Science TEM on the west campus. Since January 2008 he has taken over responsibility for operation of the RRC-E facility and oversight of Mass Spectrometry. He is also involved in the day to day running of the Research Resources Center reporting directly to the Director.

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