Thermo Fisher Scientific Seal-It 100

Thermo Fisher Scientific Seal-It 100

Location: MBRB, 3211

  Unassisted Assisted
(1/2 hour Minimum)
UIC Cost $N/A (plate) $N/A (plate)
Other Academic $N/A (plate) $N/A (plate)
Non-Academic$N/A (plate) $N/A (plate)


The Seal-It 100 is an automated adhesive sealer for rapid sealing of 96-, 384-, and 1536-well plates using a cold-rolling mechanism. Adhesive sealing is preferred over heat sealing for compound storage and protein crystallography applications.

Most uses of the plate sealer are integrated into the use of the Tecan Freedom EVO 200. Users are only charged for the amount of sealing tape consumed during robot use.

Technical Specifications

We provide two types of seals:
Adhesive PCR Foil Seal (peelable and pierceable) for sealing compound and assay plates
Adhesive Crystallography Seal (optically clear, peelable pressure-sensitive adhesive) for sealing crystallography plates