Tecan Freedom EVO 200

Tecan Freedom EVO 200

Location: MBRB, 3211

  Unassisted Assisted
(1/2 hour Minimum)
UIC Cost $N/A (0.5hr) $25.00 (0.5hr)
Other Academic $N/A (0.5hr) $N/A (0.5hr)
Non-Academic$N/A (0.5hr) $N/A (0.5hr)


The Tecan Freedom EVO is the workhorse of the High-Throughput Screening Facility. The robot performs a variety of liquid-handling tasks using two different pipetting components, an 8-channel liquid-handling arm and a 96-MultiChannel Arm. The robotic arm of the EVO moves plates, troughs, and tips to specified destinations, and integrated components allow for barcode scanning, plate sealing, plate shaking, and spectrophotometric measurements.

Technical Specifications

Deck Capacity (Dimensions): 33-microplates (780mm x 2050mm x 870mm)

LiHa: Liquid handling 8-Tip/Syringe System with Low Volume Option (0.5 to 250 uL)
10 microliter with CV < 1% (using low volume option)
1 microliter with CV < 5% (using low volume option)
Teflon coated, low volume, ceramic, and disposable tips.

RoMa: Robotic Manipulator Arm
Rotation of 270°
Standard and extended z-range (to access devices beneath the deck)
Centric and eccentric gripper

TeMo (3/3): suitable for 96-, 384- and 1536-well plate formats
96- MultiChannel pipetting head
1 - 200 microliter / CV < 5% at 1 microliter
6 positions for plates, 3 positions for troughs, wash stations and/or disposable tip racks
Active wash station for 96-channel head with separate channel for each tip – two different wash liquids possible.

TeVac: automated vacuum manifold


TeShake: automated shaking platform

Various plate carriers and hotels