Nikon Corporation Eclipse E400 with Spot RT Camera

Nikon Corporation Eclipse E400 with Spot RT Camera

Location: College of Medicine Research Building, 6100

  Unassisted Assisted
(1 hr)
UIC Cost $12.5 (per hour) $n/a (per hour)
Other Academic $18.75 (per hour) $n/a (per hour)
Non-Academic$25 (per hour) $n/a (per hour)


The Nikon Eclipse E400 is a comfortable, stable and compact. The Eclipse supports comfort and convenience over extended periods of time because it is designed to allow a natural sitting posture when in use. The Advanced Ergonomic Design allows adjustment of the binocular tube with respect to both eyepiece tilt angle and the eyepiece length to accomodate a range of individual operators. The Eclipse will produce sharp images with high resolution and contrast in all magnifications. In addition it is equipped with chromatic aberration free correction and top transmission rates.

Technical Specifications

•Multiple observation techniques such as brightfield, darkfield, and phase contrast •5 Position, reversed nosepiece • Total flexibility and versatility to accommodate various attachments such as epi-fluorescence, dual head and multiple head teaching systems without compromising optical performance and stability •Optics- CF160 (infinity optical system), Parofocal distance: 60 mm, 10-1500x for observation, 2-500x for 35 mm photomicrography •Illuminator- 6V- 30 W halogen lamp, pre-centered and pre-focused •Auto- photo preset switch. See the wiki pages for filter information.