Bruker-Biospin AVANCE

Bruker-Biospin AVANCE

Location: Medical Sciences Building, E-21

  Unassisted Assisted
(1 hr)
UIC Cost $12 (per hour) $72 (per hour)
Other Academic $18 (per hour) $108 (per hour)
Non-Academic$30 (per hour) $210 (per hour)


500 MHz 54 mm bore operating as a microMRI or multinuclear NMR spectrometer. MRI can analyze samples up to 10mm in diameter or smaller than 1mm. The NMR uses direct or indirect detection w/wo a Z gradient. Temperature control is available precise to 0.1 degree C. All data can be up loaded for off line analysis and archiving. Scheduling is arranged via RRC web accessed software (OLISS).

Technical Specifications

MRI uses Paravision 4.0 NMR uses Topspin 1.3. NMR has 3 probes: 5mm Broadband Observe, 5mm Inverse with C13 and N15 decoupler coils and 2.5mm Inverse with C13 and P31 decoupler colis.