Shandon Cytospin 3

Shandon Cytospin 3

Location: Medical Sciences Building, E-333

  Unassisted Assisted
(1 hr)
UIC Cost $10 (per hour) $- (per hour)
Other Academic $16 (per hour) $- (per hour)
Non-Academic$20 (per hour) $- (per hour)


The Cytospin 3 makes use of low-speed centrifugal force to separate and deposit a monolayer of cells on slides while maintaining cellular integrity. Cytofunnels can load up to 24 samples in 12 chambers for simultaneous spinning. Speeds are fully programmable (200-2000 rpm), and produce a monolayer of cells in a clearly defined area.

A limited supply of cytofunnels, glass slides, and filter cards are available and included as part of the hourly usage fee.

Technical Specifications