PerkinElmer Volocity 4.7

PerkinElmer Volocity 4.7

Location: Medical Sciences Building, E-334

  Unassisted Assisted
(1 hr)
UIC Cost $5 (per hour) $- (per hour)
Other Academic $8 (per hour) $- (per hour)
Non-Academic$16 (per hour) $- (per hour)


The Volocity 4.7 image analysis suite is a cross-platform, high-performance program that can streamline a number of imaging applications. Volocity is capable of deconvolving (removing haze from stacks) images captured on either confocal or widefield fluorescence systems. In addition, the program can render 3D- or 4D-models, track particle/organelle movement through stacks, and make automated measurements.

The software package is hosted on a dedicated four-processor Mac workstation in the microscopy facility, where it runs smoothly. However, the software can also be accessed remotely on individual lab computers for a separate monthly fee.

Technical Specifications

The various modules that are seamlessly integrated into the Volocity suite include:

Volocity Visualization –
View cells in 3D and 4D. Explore, rotate image stacks in real time. Provides high quality rendering with total interactivity.

Volocity Quantitation – Find, measure, track and chart objects in samples. Volocity can automatically identify a structure of interest, and subsequently track and measure objects over multiple time points. Object tracks can be viewed and overlaid on 2D images or 3D volumes to see the dynamics within a sample. Measurements can be analyzed, summarized, and extracted to create charts in 2D or interactive 3D.

Volocity Restoration – 
Eliminate noise and blur in data. Measured or calculated PSF generation options are included for confocal and widefield microscopes. The Fast Restoration tool provides an instantaneous improvement in XY resolution, while the Iterative Restoration tool can improveme XY and Z resolution.