Becton Dickinson LSR I

Becton Dickinson LSR I

Location: Medical Sciences Building, E-25

  Unassisted Assisted
(1 unit)
UIC Cost $33 (per hour) $60 (per hour)
Other Academic $51 (per hour) $93 (per hour)
Non-Academic$102 (per hour) $186 (per hour)


Building on the ease of use and flexibility, the BD™ LSR is the first UV benchtop analyzer. It is equipped with BD CellQuest pro software which is familiar to many investigators who use the instrument unassisted. This instrument is capable of analyzing a six color experiment. Four of the colors are acquired with 488 nm Argon excitation, with the remaining two colors acquired with Helium-Cadmium excitation.

Technical Specifications

Dual Excitation Sources: 15mW air cooled Argon Ion Laser tuned to 488nm: Used to excite Fluoroscein (FITC), Phycoerythrin (PE), PE-Cy5 (Cychrome/Tricolor), PE-Texas Red (ECD/Red 613), Red 670, Rhodamine 123, Propidium Iodide (PI), Acridine Orange, and other compounds. 8mW air cooled Helium-Cadmium laser emitting light at 325nm: Especially useful to measure calcium flux with Indo-1 AM ester. This laser can also be used to excite DNA specific dyes such as Hoechst and DAPI.