Waters Waters SYNAPT

Waters Waters SYNAPT

Location: College of Pharmacy, 550

  Unassisted Assisted
(1 hr)
UIC Cost $25 (per hour) $52 (per hour)
Other Academic $52 (per hour) $81 (per hour)
Non-Academic$104 (per hour) $162 (per hour)


SYNAPT G1 High Definition Mass Spectrometer With the SYNAPT G1 HDMS System, the Waters Corporation introduced a high resolution, high mass accuracy oa-tof instrument with unique capabilities. The key feature that provides these unique capabilities is the instrument’s Triwave technology, which couples high efficiency tandem MS with ion mobility separation (IMS), resulting in a mass spectrometer which can differentiate analytes by size, shape, charge, as well as mass.

Technical Specifications

The SYNAPT HDMS has dual resolution modes, V-mode (>10000) or W-mode (>17500). During data acquisition with lock mass correction, accurate mass measurements better than 5 ppm are obtained for elemental composition determinations of compounds that have a m/z ratio of 1000 Da. or less. Our unit is equipped with electrospray ionization (ESI) and atmospheric pressure chemical ionization (APCI) sources and is served by a conventional HPLC system.