Thermo Scientific TSQ Quantum

Thermo Scientific TSQ Quantum

Location: College of Pharmacy, 550

  Unassisted Assisted
(1 hr)
UIC Cost $25 (per hour) $52 (per hour)
Other Academic $52 (per hour) $81 (per hour)
Non-Academic$104 (per hour) $162 (per hour)


The Thermo Finnigan TSQ Quantum triple quadrupole mass spectrometer is equipped with electrospray (ESI) and atmospheric pressure chemical ionization (APCI) sources. The mass spectrometer is capable of the following triple quad MS-MS experiments: Selective Reaction Monitoring (SRM), Multiple Reaction Monitoring (MRM), product ion scan, precusor ion scan, and neutral loss scan.

The Surveyor HPLC system consists of a refrigerated auto sampler, gradient LC pumps, and photo diode array UV/vis absorbance detector for on-line LC-UV-MS-MS analyses. This is a highly sensitive and unusually high resolution triple quadrupole instrument that is ideal for quantitative analysis of compounds in complex mixtures.

The Thermo Finnigan TSQ Quantum was installed in 2002 and purchased with internal funds.

Technical Specifications

Mass range is a maximum of 4000 and resolution is 5000. The reserpine tuning solution has a concentration of 2 pg/uL.