Molecular Devices MetaMorph Premier

Molecular Devices MetaMorph Premier

Location: Medical Sciences Building, E-334

  Unassisted Assisted
(1 hr)
UIC Cost $4 (per hour) $- (per hour)
Other Academic $6 (per hour) $- (per hour)
Non-Academic$8 (per hour) $- (per hour)


The MetaMorph Premier Image Analysis package is a powerful, full-featured program that permits a number of image processing applications. Advanced visualization and quantification tools are integrated in the software, thereby permitting easy cell counting, particle tracking, 3D reconstruction, and measurements of morphometry and colocalization. A dedicated FRET module has proven popular in published studies, and specialized add-ons installed include the Angiogenesis Tube Formation, Cell Cycle, Cell Scoring, Count Nuclei, Multi Wavelength Cell Scoring, and Neurite Outgrowth apps.

MetaMorph is accessible via a dedicated 64-bit PC workstation that is currently housed in the microscope facility.

Technical Specifications

Standard features in MetaMorph include:
• 8-, 16-, 24-, 48-bit image and stack display and processing, including: morphology operators, arithmetic operations, Fast Fourier Transform processing, shading correction and background subtraction
• 3D reconstruction
• 2D deconvolution
• Cell counting
• Morphometry and distance measurements
• Data logging and exporting
• Automation through "journals" and taskbars
• Customizable toolbars and windows