RRC Promega

RRC Promega

Location: College of Medicine West (CMW), A-310

  Unassisted Assisted
(1 unit)
UIC Cost $10 (run) $- (run)
Other Academic $10 (run) $- (run)
Non-Academic$10 (run) $- (run)


LOCATED IN BLD MSB RM E-342. This instrument is capable of carrying out various DNA and RNA extractions from a wide variety of samples, including (but not limited to): blood, saliva, tissue, FFPE tissue, cell cultures (eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells).Small-volume and large-volume protocols are available, but require the switching of one of the instrument components. Run time is approximately 30-45 minutes.

Technical Specifications

http://www.promega.com/~/media/Files/Resources/Protocols/Technical%20Manuals/101/Maxwell%2016%20MDx%20Instrument%20SEV%20and%20LEV%20Protocol.ashx ......... The kits are sold in RRC stockroom (CMWT, A-305). For demonstrations or training on the instrument, please contact Vaiva Liakaite by email (Vaiva@uic.edu) or by phone at the DNAS Facility (312-355-0679). For additional questions about the machine please contact Sara Mann Sara.Mann@Promega.com.