Scisense FY097B

Scisense FY097B

Location: Biological Resources Laboratory, 173

  Unassisted Assisted
UIC Cost $- (per hour) $200 (per hour)
Other Academic $- (per hour) $300 (per hour)
Non-Academic$- (per hour) $400 (per hour)


This system uses the latest and most accurate technology (admittance vs. the older conductance technology) to record pressure and volumes from within the left or right ventricle. Price shown is for basal condition only (steady-state + occlusion). Drug infusions are $50 per dose, which includes both steady-state and occlusion parameters.

Technical Specifications

Facility uses catheters with 4.5 mm spacing, which is best-suited for pressure or P/V studies within the left ventricle of adult mice. We also have a catheter with 3.5 mm spacing, which can be used for pressure or P/V studies within the right ventricle of adult mice or the left ventricle of mice weighing less than 20 grams.