Agilent 3100

Agilent 3100

Location: College of Pharmacy, 553

  Unassisted Assisted
UIC Cost $50 (job) $140 (job)
Other Academic $75 (job) $165 (job)
Non-Academic$100 (job) $190 (job)


This unit provides preparative fractionation of intact proteins in solution by charge. It also provides preparative fractionation of peptides in solution by charge. The service includes a base setup fee plus consumables. The "Unassisted" rate below is the setup fee. The "Assisted" rate shows the price for one lane. Consumables are currently ~$90 per sample. This unit can fractionate up to 18 lanes simultaneously with a capacity of 5 mg per lane. Please visit our facility web site ( and look under the Instruments tab for additional details and a list of publications using this separation technology.

Technical Specifications

The OFFGel can separate 50 ug ~ 5 mg per lane. It can be used to separate intact proteins based on their isoelectric point. Intact proteins are separated in 8M urea, 2M thiourea with glycerol, DTT and ampholine. The OFFGel avoids the need to cut and individually identify hundreds of spots from a 2D gel samples and can provide a lower cost profile of complex samples. The OFFGel can also be used for preparative fractionation of peptides in solution by charge. We routinely use peptide fractionation for MuDPIT fractionation (charge-based fractionation prior to reverse phase fractionation) for simultaneous identification of thousands of proteins from complex mixtures such as cell lysates. Peptide fractionation can be combined with iTRAQ or TMT labeling.