Caliper Life Sciences Vectra

Caliper Life Sciences Vectra

Location: College of Medicine Research Building, 6154

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Vectra is a multispectral fluorescence and brightfield microscope slide analysis system. It has pattern recognition software that allows for rapid acquisition of high resolution multispectral images of microscope slides. Samples can be cultured cells, cell spreads, tissue sections or tissue microarrays stained with standard stains or immunohistochemical techniques. Stains can be quantified using the inForm software package.

Technical Specifications

Automation: Single-slide Stage Adjustment: Manual Tissue Formats: Tissue microarrays (TMAs) and whole tissue sections Wavelength Range: 420 - 720 nm Throughput (based on intelligent field selection): TMA: 3 cores/min Sections: 5-20 min per slide Modality: Brightfield of fluorescence (multispectral or color) Multiplexing capability: Separates markers, even overlapping, incl. autofluorescence Image Analysis (inForm™ software): Intuitive learn-by-example interface, auto-segment and quantitate tissue structures, cells, sub-cellular signatures Magnification: 4x and 20x Operating System Windows™ XP Pro, SP-2 Computer: Quad Core Xeon, 1TB mirrored HDD minimum Power Supply: 110/220 VAC