Location: Science and Engineering South, 104A

  Unassisted Assisted
(1 hr)
UIC Cost $58.20 (per hour) $104.10 (per hour)
Other Academic $93.60 (per hour) $165.6 (per hour)
Non-Academic$237.00 (per hour) $342.00 (per hour)


The JEM-ARM200CF is a probe aberration corrected 200kV STEM/TEM with a cold field emission source with 0.35eV energy resolution. For HADF imaging at 200kV this instrument has a resolution of less than 0.08nm. It was installed in 2011

STEM images can be collected from up to four of the five STEM detectors simultaneously. For TEM Imaging the microscope has two CCD cameras - an upper 4MP camera and a lower 11MP camera. For microanalysis the microscope is equipped with a Gatan Enfina EELS and an Oxford X-max 100TLE windowless SDD X-ray detector

In addition to the standard holders, Double Tilt Heating (1200 degC), Double Tilt Cooling (-170 deg C), STM-TEM and a Single Tilt Tomography (+/- 70 deg) holders are available for this microscope

For information about the installation visit the New Microscope Wiki page

Reductions in quoted unassisted rates are offered to groups that use more than 60 hours of aberration corrected microscope time in a calendar month.

Technical Specifications

  • STEM resolution (HADF): 0.078nm @ 200kV; 0.105nm @ 120kV; 0.136nm @ 80kV
  • STEM Resolution (BF) 0.136nm @ 200kV
  • TEM Resolution: 0.10nm lattice, 0.19nm point-to-point @ 200kV.
  • Accelerating Voltage: 200, 120, 80kV.
  • Objective lens (TEM): focal length 1.9mm, Cs 0.5mm, Cc 1.1mm, minimum focus step 0.25nm.
  • Objective Lens (STEM) Cs -0.1mm to 0.6mm, Cc 1.4mm
  • Magnification Range (TEM): 2,000x - 2,000,000x.
  • Magnification Range (STEM) 20,000x - 150,000,000 x
  • Camera length range: 80 - 2,000mm.
  • Specimen Tilt range +/-25 degrees (X & Y).
  • Specimen movement: 2mm (X,Y), 0.1mm (Z)
  • Energy Resolution (Enfina): 0.35eV