Hitachi S-3000N

Hitachi S-3000N

Location: Medical Sciences Building, E-5G

  Unassisted Assisted
(1 hr)
UIC Cost $72.90 (per hour) $88.80 (per hour)
Other Academic $67.50 (per hour) $139.50 (per hour)
Non-Academic$174.00 (per hour) $279.00 (per hour)


The Hitachi S-3000N is a Variable Pressure SEM and has a tungsten electron source. It was installed in 2000. It is capable of imaging specimens at high vacuum and also in a variable pressure range from 1-270 Pa. This allows non-conducting specimens to be imaged without coating with a conductive film.

There is a secondary electron detector for use in high vacuum only, and backscattered and absorbed electron detectors, which can be used in both high vacuum and variable pressure modes. The microscope has an Oxford Inca EDX system with a light element X-ray detector (15mm WD).

Technical Specifications

  • Accelerating Voltage 0.3-30kV
  • Secondary electron image Resolution: 3.5nm (25kV, HV mode).
  • Backscattered electron image Resolution: 5.0nm (25kV, VP mode).
  • Magnification range: 15x ~ 300,000x.
  • Variable pressure range: 1-270Pa.>/li>
  • Maximum Specimen size: 150mm diameter x 20mm high
  • Specimen Tilt/ Rotation: 0-60 degrees, 360 degree rotation
  • Specimen movement: 100mm (x), 50mm. (Y), 5~40mm (Z)
  • Detectors: Secondary, Backscattered, Absorbed Current
  • XEDS position: 15mm working disatnce, 35degree take off.