Transgenic Production Service (TPS)

The Transgenic Production Service (TPS) provides a resource for investigators seeking to generate transgenic and gene-targeted mice for their research activities. The facility also manages the IVIS Spectrum in vivo imaging system, used for the quantitative monitoring of bioluminescent and fluorescent reporters in living mice.


Our services include pronuclear microinjection of DNA transgenes into mouse zygotes for the production of transgenic founders; gene targeting in ES cells; microinjection of targeted ES cell lines into blastocysts to produce chimeric mice; cryopreservation of embryos and sperm; and recovery of live mice from cryopreserved embryos and sperm. Training and assistance on the IVIS imaging system is also provided.

Investigators developing grant proposals that include the use of engineered animals are invited to contact the TPS Director for help with experimental design and for assistance in preparing proposed budgets for transgenic/gene-targeted mouse production. We are happy to provide you with a letter stating our readiness to make transgenic and/or chimeric mice for submission to funding agencies.


  • DNA Microinjection/Transgenics
  • ES Cell Microinjection/Chimeric mice
  • ES cell expansion
  • Gene Targeting in ES cells
  • Embryo and Sperm Cryopreservation
  • Recovery of Pups from Cryopreserved Embryos
  • Recovery of Pups from Cryopreserved Sperm - In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)
  • IVIS Imaging

Procedure for Obtaining Transgenic Mice from the University of Chicago Transgenic Core:

  1. It is the responsibility of the PI/PI's department to make all payment arrangements with the respective Transgenic Core Facility. BRL will review, approve and route Ibuy requisitions as necessary and/or required by UIC Purchasing.
  2. Based upon the current health status of the University of Chicago and Northwestern Transgenic Core Facilities, the BRL veterinary staff will allow transgenic animals from the respective cores to undergo an abbreviated 4 week quarantine period. This is subject to change with changes in the health status of mouse colonies maintained at the respective Transgenic Core Facilities.
  3. Obtaining Animals from the University of Chicago or Northwestern University Transgenic Core Facilities
    1. To obtain animals from a Transgenic Core, PI must submit a "Non Approved Animal Sources" online request at here. Key contact information to be used in the request form is listed below in item 8.
    2. The veterinary staff will review the request, pertinent health information and If appropriate approve the request.
  4. Quarantine Program
    1. Mice from only the Transgenic Core Facilities of the University of Chicago and Northwestern University will be brought into the BRL's clean quarantine room for a 4 week quarantine period.
    2. While in quarantine mice will be fed a fendbendazole diet for pinworm and treated once with Moxidectin for furmites.
    3. At the end of the 4 week quarantine period mice are tested for murine pathogens by serology and fecal PCR, and endo and ectoparasites by noninvasive methods.
    4. Upon obtaining negative test results for murine pathogens at the end of the 4 week quarantine period, mice will be released to the general colony.
    5. Mice that test positive for murine pathogens in quarantine will need to be rederived.
  5. Costs
    1. The fee schedule for the quarantine service is: 1-2 cages is 240-$265; 3-4 cages is 365-$390; and 5-8 cages is $480.
    2. The fee schedule does not include per diem while cages are in quarantine. Per diem will be billed separately.
    3. Note - if health reports from the respective Transgenic Core Facilities indicate the need for additional testing outside the standard quarantine screening program, these tests and associated costs would be the responsibility of the PI.
  6. Transportation
    1. Animals from the Transgenic Core Facilities at the University of Chicago and Northwestern University may be transported to UIC by BRL staff using a BRL van.
    2. Cost for transportation is $75.
  7. University of Chicago Contact Information for the "Non Approved Animal Sources Request Form":
    • Institution Details
      University of Chicago
      ARC Dock
      949 East 58th Street
      Chicago, IL-60637
    • Facility Contact
      Shipping coordinator:
      Anne Schue
    • Transgenic Core Facility:
      Linda Degenstein
  8. Northwestern University Contact Information for the "Non Approved Animal Sources Request Form":
    • Institution Details
      Northwestern University
      303 E. Superior
      Lurie Blue Dock
      Chicago, IL-60611
    • Facility Contact
      Shipping coordinator:
      Sean Williams
    • Transgenic Core Facility:
      Lynn Doglio