Scientific Supply Center (SSC)

We carry a wide variety of items for the research lab, ranging from molecular biology reagents to office supplies. If we do not stock an item, we will be happy to place a special order request with our regular weekly orders from our vendors.

Special Orders

Ordering supplies from Life Technologies / Invitrogen? Check out our Life Technologies page.

  • Orders are final once they have been placed with the vendor and no returns are possible.
  • We cannot order equipment on special orders.
  • We can not order from any quotes
  • We do not charge shipping/handling on special orders, but some of our vendors may add their own charges.
  • Due to the inclusion of Sigma and Stratagene/Agilent Technologies in the University of Illinois iBuy (, our prices may be slightly higher than iBuy. But for your convenience we have added Sigma and Stratagene/Agilent Technologies back on our Special Orders system.

Scientific Supply Center

All orders must be in by 11:00 AM on the order date.

Monday Mediatech, Sigma, Qiagen, Fermentas
Tuesday Agilent/Stratagene, New England BioLabs
Wednesday EMD, BioLine
Thursday Bio-Rad

We will place special orders for Zymo Research, Cell Signaling Technology, Denville, RPI, National Diagnostics, Promega and Lonza as needed.

Delivery request for 5 gallon or a case of 1 gallon alcohol to MBRB/SES/SEL and Dentistry can also be ordered online. Alcohol deliveries are scheduled for the 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month.

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