Staff Index

Name Title Phone Email Facility
Abukhdeir, Ruba Financial Analyst/Planner Associate 312-996-4867 ADM
An, Seyoung NCF Lab Manager 312-355-1259 NCF
Anand, Sonika Application Developer 312-355-5299 SCSS
Arbieva, Zarema Director of Research Service Facility - Core Genomics Facility 312-355-1608 CGF
Barnard, Christopher Informatics Systems Administrator 312-355-0835 RIC
Beck, Jenny Research Specialist 312-996-7674 SSC
Bollinger, Tarra Human Resource Associate 312-996-1216 ADM
Bruzan, Thomas Lab mechanic 312-996-7618 SIS
Castellon, Maricela Senior Research Specialist, CardioVascular Research Core 312-996-7878 CCVRPC
Cellular Imaging , Help Contact for help request 312-996-6441 CIF
Chau, Cecilia Research Technologist II 312-355-0679 DNAS
Chen, Hui Director 312-996-7357 MMPF
Chen, Jiwang Director of Research Service Facility - CardioVascular Research Core 312-355-5895 CCVRPC
Chukhman, Morris Bioinformatics Specialist 312-355-2014 RIC
Colon, Albert Graduate Research Assistant 312-996-0827 NCF
Countryman, Cecilia Research Tech I 312-413-4626 CGF
Dai, Chunfang Associate Director of Finance 312-996-9404 ADM
Deaton, Ryan Tissue Imaging Manager 312-355-4338 RHTIC
DiVenere, Antonio Director, Nanotechnology Core Facility 312-996-2967 NCF
Durowade, Tejumade Graduate Research Assistant 312-996-2018 NCF
Feng, Wei Visiting Research Specialist 312-996-0540 FCCL
Foroozan, Tara Graduate Research Assistant 312-996-0827 NCF
Ganesh, Balaji Director of Flow Cytometry 312-996-2775 FCCL
Gann, Peter Academic Director 312-355-4338 RHTIC
George, Marcus Account Technician II 312-355-1120 ADM
Green, Stefan Director, DNA Services 312-996-7509 DNAS
Grega, John Biomedical Engineering Technician 312-996-6473 SIS
Gupta, Shalini Assistant Director 312-996-7462 PRL
Hayajneh, Rami Histology Technologist 312-996-3869 RHTIC
Huang, Jin-Sheng Sr. Research Specialist 312-996-6295 PRL
Hwang, Shawnn Research Tech I 312-413-4626 CGF
Hyde, Marieta Research Technologist I 312-996-4963 DNAS
Ionetz, Emily Research Specialist 312-996-7772 RHTIC
Jayathilaka, Lasanthi Research Specialist 312-996-1411 PRL
Johnson, Tim Linux/Windows System Administrator 312-355-5450 SCSS
Kanabar, Pinal Bioinformatics Specialist 312-355-1983 RIC
Kunstman, Kevin Assistant Director of DNA Services Facility 312-413-1397 DNAS
Lechowicz, Jacek Graduate Research Assistant 312-996-2018 NCF
Lee, Bao-Shiang Director of Research Service Facility 312-996-1411 PRL
Lee, Hyun Research Assistant Professor 312-413-9304 SPR
Lei, Zhengdeng (Arden) Bioinformatics Specialist 312-355-2319 RIC
Li, Weiguo Director of Research Service Facility (MRI) 312-413-5638 MRI
Li, Weiguo Dr. 312-413-5638 NMR/micro-
Liakaite, Vaiva Associate Director of Finance & Operations 312-355-2725 ADM
Los, Nina Research Technologist 312-413-4626 CGF
Ma, Ke Associate Director of Research Service Facility (CMF) 312-996-6640 CIF
Macias, MD, Virgilia Research Assistant Professor 312-996-7559 RHTIC
Maienschein-Cline, Mark Bioinformatics Specialist 312-355-2498 RIC
Mavrogianis, Patty Research Technologist / EM Technologist III none RHTIC
Merrill, Bradley Director of the Genome Editing Core 312-996-0346 GEC
Minshall, Richard Director of Research Resources Center 312-996-7600 ADM
Nicholls, Alan Associate Director RRC, Director of Research Service Facility 312-996-1227 EMS
Perez, Nicolas Research Specialist 312-996-3807 SBC
Prehna, Gerd Associate Director 312-355-4827 CSB
Radkevich, Maryia Research Technologist I 312-355-0679 DNAS
Ramasamy, Suresh Research Specialist 312-996-2775 FCCL
Ramirez, Benjamin Director, NMR Facility 312-355-4879 CSB
Ratia, Kiira Director of High-Throughput Screening 312-355-1296 HTS
Regan, Maureen Senior Research Specialist 312-996-0348 GEC
Rodriguez, Joel Manager 312-996-6473 SIS
Russell, Barbara Pathologist Assistant 312-335-0492 SBC
Santarsiero, Bernie Director of Research Service Facility 312-413-0339 SBC
Santarsiero, Bernie Director 312-413-0339 MSF
Schilling, Alex Senior Research Specialist 312-413-3614 MMPF
Schuck, Matthew Instrument Maker 312-996-7618 SIS
Seiler, Figen Research Specialist - Natural Sciences 312-996-7603 EMS
Sharma, Himanshu Assistant Director for Research Technology, Assistant CRIO 312-996-8959 SCSS
Shi, Fengyuan Research Specialist - Natural Sciences 312-355-2087 EMS
Susma, Alexandru Research Technologist II 312-996-3807 SBC
Sverdlov, Maria Director of Research Service Facility, RHTIC 312-355-0177 RHTIC
Sweeney, Dagmar Research Technologist I 312-413-9290 DNAS
Thomson, Olivia Research Specialist - Natural Sciences 312-996-7603 EMS
Toth, Peter Director of Research Service Facility - Imaging Center 312-996-0003 CIF
Walkosz, Jakub Assistant Laboratory Mechanic 312-996-6473 SIS
Wang, WeiHua Senior Research Specialist 312-996-4963 DNAS
Wang, Yueting Assistant Director 312-413-3614 MMPF
Washington, Latreesha Laboratory Assistant 312-413-3614 MMPF
White, Lemart Storekeeper I 312-996-7674 SSC
Yang, Peng Research Specialist 312-413-3614 MMPF