SAI - Caliper/PerkinElmer

Small Animal Imaging (SAI)

The Small Animal Imaging (SAI) services in the RRC give investigators access to systems for bioluminescence & fluorescence optical imaging, ultrasound, and magnetic resonance imaging.


Optical Imaging: In vivo optical imaging is available on the IVIS Spectrum. The Spectrum is an advanced system for non-invasive quantitative longitudinal monitoring of disease progression, cell trafficking, and gene expression patterns in live animals, relying on detection of light emitted from bioluminescent and fluorescent reporters. Contact Roberta Franks, Transgenic Production Service Director, at 312-413-1397 or Click here for more details.

Ultrasound: Echocardiography (cardiac morphology and function) imaging is available using VisualSonics Vevo770 ultrasound machine. Anesthesia systems and transducer probes are available for both mice and rats. Discounted, subscription rates are also available for CCVR members. Contact Bob Gaffin, CCVR Physiology Core Facility Director, at 312-413-4401 or Click here for more details.

MRI: The Preclinical MRI Facility is equipped with a new Agilent 9.4 Tesla MRI system that is able to image small animals and samples up to 7.5 cm in diameter. An isofluorane anesthesia system, body temperature control and vital signs monitoring system (i.e., temperature, respiration and ECG) plus an MRI-compatible small animal gating system (SA Instruments) are installed to permit free-breathing acquisition during quantitative MRI measurements. Contact Weiguo Li, Preclinical MRI Facility Director, at 312-355-0257, or Click here for more details.