Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Laboratory (NMRL)

The Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Laboratory (NMRL) offers NMR techniques for determining the structure of compounds, the interactions of drug with proteins, cellular pH, in vivo metabolite levels and the metabolic fate of nonradioactive tracers.


The sample is placed in an extremely strong magnetic field, irradiated with pulsed radio frequencies and the resultant radio signals are stored, Fourier transformed into a spectrum and analyzed as to the type of chemical grouping, the amount of each, and their linkages to surrounding groups. The measurement is nondestructive.

The 500 MHz spectrometer is broad-banded for studying H-1, C-13, N-15, O-17, F-19, Na-23, P-31, etc. The 360 MHZ spectrometer is for routine analysis of H1, C-13, F-19 and P-31 only. Both spectrometers are connected to the Internet. Data can be processed off-line on our SGI, PC or Macintosh computers or can be transferred to any computer (off-site analysis requires appropriate NMR processing software).

The NMRL Preparation room is in E-9 and is available during NMR usage and contains the following: refrigerator/freezer, hood, sink and bench space.