Resource/Service: Expansion of Targeted ES Cell Clones

Description: The price shown is for ES clones targeted in the TPS. Up to 4 clones per targeting experiment are expanded. ES clones propagated OUTSIDE the TPS may also be submitted for expansion at $455 per clone (15 percent reduction/clone for multiple clones, up to 4, submitted at the same time). Prices include freezing up to 5 vials of cells (additional vials at $50 each) and cell pellets for genotyping (investigator performs genotyping). Note: Cells propagated outside the TPS must have been tested for mycoplasma prior to submission for expansion; additionally, if they have not been tested for MPV they must be tested prior to microinjection into blastocysts - the fee for this test will be charged to the investigator's BRL account. Metaphase Spreads (chromosome counts) are also recommended for all clones, whether they are targeted by the TPS or are from outside. All clones will be re-tested for mycoplasma following expansion for an additional fee.

  Unassisted Assisted
(1 unit)
UIC Cost $- (clone) $155 (clone)
Other Academic $- (clone) $inquire (clone)
Non-Academic $- (clone) $inquire (clone)