Resource/Service: Sperm Cryopreservation (w/out test thaw; test thaw extra)

Description: Cryopreserving sperm is a simple procedure. To recover pups at a later date, in vitro fertilization (IVF) will have to be performed. Even with recent improvements to procedures for sperm cryopreservation there remain differences in the success rate (% fertilization) of IVF between strains. For an additional fee a test-thaw and small-scale IVF, with either in vitro culture alone to assess fertilization or transfer of fertilized oocytes into a surrogate mother to produce live pups, may be performed.

  Unassisted Assisted
(1 unit)
UIC Cost $- (strain) $245 (strain)
Other Academic $- (strain) $- (strain)
Non-Academic $- (strain) $- (strain)