Resource/Service: Recovery of Pups from Frozen Embryos

Description: The Production Fee (actual charge to PIs RRC account) is $530. The fee shown is the estimated total charge, which also includes the purchase of mice to use as surrogate mothers, shipping and per diem. These additional fees are charged directly to the PIs account at the BRL. The BRL may request mouse pathogen screening for pups that will be moved to certain housing areas on campus. These tests are also charged directly to the BRL account. Note: If control embryos are included for a test-thaw to evaluate morphological integrity after thawing, an additional $50.00 per attempt will be added to the Production Fee.

  Unassisted Assisted
(1 unit)
UIC Cost $- (strain) $730 (strain)
Other Academic $- (strain) $inquire (strain)
Non-Academic $- (strain) $inquire (strain)