Resource/Service: OFFGel Isoelectric focusing

Description: This unit provides preparative fractionation of intact proteins in solution by charge. It also provides preparative fractionation of peptides in solution by charge. The service includes a base setup fee plus consumables. The "Unassisted" rate below is the setup fee. The "Assisted" rate shows the price for one lane. Consumables are currently ~$90 per sample. This unit can fractionate up to 18 lanes simultaneously with a capacity of 5 mg per lane. Please visit our facility web site ( and look under the Instruments tab for additional details and a list of publications using this separation technology.

  Unassisted Assisted
UIC Cost $inquire (each) $inquire (each)
Other Academic $inquire (each) $inquire (each)
Non-Academic $inquire (each) $inquire (each)