DNA Services Facility (DNAS)

(Pictured left to right):Silvana Poggi, Stefan Green, Vaiva Liakaite, Marieta Hyde, Marie Kristine Nguyen, Weihua Wang, Cecilia Chau

DNA Services Facility is now on iLab Solutions server. Please follow these simple steps to register with iLabs in order to request any services or schedule equipment usage.

To Register with iLab

  1. Navigate to the Center for Genomic Research - DNA Services Facility sign-up page: https://my.ilabsolutions.com/account/signup/244?sc_id=3161
  2. Complete the registration form on the sign-up page. (You must fill out all fields. If you do not know your financial admin (lab manager), please put in your PI's name in that field as well.)
  3. Receive a - welcome - email from iLab (typically within one business day) with login credentials
  4. Once you have your iLab credentials, login at https://my.ilabsolutions.com/service_center/show_external/3161
  5. Set your time zone when you first log in. Go to - my profile - on the top right to change an personal information.
  6. To find the Center for Genomic Research - DNA Services Facility in iLab, you may click on the "list all cores" link on the left panel.

  7. The DNA Services facility is a core nucleic acid services facility serving the UIC research community as well as external academic and non-academic scientists. We provide a suite of services, including, but not limited to:

    • Next-Generation Sequencing (whole genome, whole exome, transcriptome, metagenome and metatranscriptome, amplicon and other);
    • Sanger (capillary electrophoresis) Sequencing;
    • QuantiGene mRNA and DNA CNV Analysis Service;
    • Real-Time PCR Service and Training;
    • Fragment Analysis Service;
    • Short Tandem Repeats Analysis Service;
    • Mycoplasma Testing;
    • Nucleic Acid Extractions, Quantification, and Quality Control Service.

    We also maintain for academic use quantitative PCR instrumentation and a freezer program with reagents and consumables for nucleic acid extraction, reverse transcription, and qPCR. We work with IDT and Sigma-Aldrich companies to provide free shipping for oligo synthesis. We are happy to assist in research studies as well as conducting larger scale projects. We are integrated with the UIC Core Genomics Facility (CGF; Dr. Zarema Arbieva) and the UIC Bioinformatics Facility (Dr. Neil Bahroos).

    We are located in the College of Medicine West Tower (CMWT) room A-310. We are available to discuss any questions by phone, email or stop by the laboratory. If possible, please contact us through email. We are highly responsive and endeavor to respond rapidly. The facility observes all university holidays, but feel free to contact us in advance for special circumstances. Regular business hours for the DNA Services Facility are 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. Monday - Friday. Between 11:30 A.M. and 2:30 P.M. is a one hour lunch break (the exact time varies depending on how busy it is, so please call ahead if you will need assistance).

    Role Name Specialty Phone Email Location
    Director Stefan J Green 15 years of experience as a molecular biologist and microbial ecologist, and has been the director of the DNA services facility since 2010. He is happy to assist in any way that he can, and has collaborated with a number of faculty members on grant proposals, manuscripts and letters of support. Contact by email to setup meetings. 312-996-7509 greenDNA@uic.edu CMWT A-310
    Research Specialist Cecilia (Cece) S Chau Sanger Sequencing(daily sequencing), Fragment Analysis, and Freezer Program (Special Orders) and IDT Oligos 312-355-0679 ccchau@uic.edu CMWT A-310
    Research Technologist Silvana C Poggi Sanger Sequencing(daily sequencing), Fragment Analysis, and Freezer Program (Special Orders) 312-355-0679 spoggi1@uic.edu CMWT A-310
    Research Specialist Vaiva Laikaite DNA/RNA extraction, quantification, and quality control, Real-Time PCR Projects and Training, and QuantiGene Assays (mRNA and DNA analysis), Billing, iLab 312-413-9290 Vaiva@uic.edu CMWT A-310
    Research Specialist Marie Kristine Baraoidan Next Generation Sequencing, DNA/RNA quantification and quality control, Sigma Oligos, Mycoplasma Testing, and DNA shearing 312-996-4963 mariekb@uic.edu CMWT A-308
    Research Technologist Marieta Hyde Next Generation Sequencing, DNA/RNA quantification and quality control, Mycoplasma Testing, and DNA shearing 312-996-4963 mbojichk@uic.edu CMWT A-308
    Senior Research Specialist Weihua Wang Next Generation Sequencing, DNA/RNA quantification and quality control, Mycoplasma Testing, and DNA shearing 312-996-4963 wwh@uic.edu CMWT A-308